Sunday, 15 April 2012

Klassic Feedback : Look into your eyes (meri jaan) Remix - Ace aka 39 Ft Emcee Dappear

Song Link :
Ace(Mumbais Finest) :
Emcee Dappear :

Hey ace sorry for the delay man, held up :/
Anyway, Hi there.

Its been a while ace dropped smething after survival test, and this track actually changed the tone ace way of putting out the tracks.

Lets break it down

I knw most of the people sleep on ace's way of spittin, and the accent and style he implements in spittin, Honestly, i dont find a point, evry MC has a diff style, if everyone get attached to one type where is the fuckin diversity in our culture, Stop the Hate, Give props to guy who is been handlin shit in Mumbai when no one did shit.

Yea ace,

When the track opens, the skit kinda thing showed professionalism, really it did, gave an idea what we are expecting in the track, that suprise element clicked well :)
NO BULLSHIT, but that dappers Hook, so fuckin addictive and groovy, that flow, gets people move their hands and legs for sure, props dappear, your hook fit the track perfectly, nothing else cuda been place of this track.

There is no comments about your pen game, you may not have the intense vocab and stuff, but the language you use, and the way, u bend those to suit it to ur flow, is classic. Your flow has changed, diff from ur prev tracks.
Simple Words + Hard hitting bars + very unique flow = Next Level.

The thing i like about ace is, props to the guy, to ignore all the hate and bs, and put out stuff, and helps to step the game up. And ace trust me the lyrics you write is so real and practical and it is impressive and you make it easy for the listener to grasp what you, i did not need the lyric video, i cud make out evry word you said like easily, that is one big thing to achieve imo. i love that genie line perosonally, epic stuff Haha!

Btw, a song about a diff type of women, inspiring actually, never imagined someone wud attemted smething like this, needs guts honestly.

- Those skit kinda thing at the start and the end.
- Dappears Hook.
- Your flow and lyrics. Next level for sure.
- One one rapper i see a good lyric video, good design and stuff, props.
- You gave it for free download ;D

Cons :
- 2nd verse, idk experiment in mixing? i felt kinda diff from other verses.
- I think you pissed off chicks today, Haha!

Im not able to see any intense flaws, in this track, a new dimension , props.
Good going ace, i look forward, for your tracks, and ur mixtape. :)

Support Real hiphop, Stop the hate, Love :)

Raise the Culture, It will raise you.

Ps. Im no Ace asslicker as some of you  retards frame sme people as.I consider myself a honest critique, This track was indeed amazing, if you shitheads cant agree that fact, im sorry to say, you have an attitude issue, deal with it.

Love, and be loved.

All may have diff opinions to things, guys just dont be fake. :)

Have a good day.


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Klassic Feedback : MC Heam - GanJa Trip [GanJ Yatra] ft. Zan [2-Shadez]

Song Link :
MC Heam :
Zan :

Hi there,
This is track is way diff, than ones you usually come across, real good one, addictive actually.
Im not big fan of hindi rap, but this hand that vibe, i cudnt resist, had to bump min 10+ times.

Well, yea lets break it down.

The beat, is perfect. trust me it is. As the first verse opens, epic start.

You got nice flow with hindi lang, like easy, smooth, good voice modulation.
Lyrics, needless to say, fits well with the concept, your flow, set the bar of this track, those bending of words, streching it thru, Dope stuff, props.

Perfect words, nice blend in and out, but dint have the real spark of the chorus, like heams, ur verse set the bar high, and the chorus, kinda dropped it, i jus feel cud have mixing of the chorus cud have been improved, but that apart real fine. :)

Man your entry lifted the track, after the chorus, with those english lines, real nice stuff, props,
but Your start was good, but later i din feel that much, like mostly slept, din feel the vibe in the middle of ur verse, But, nice lyrics, real good, and unique stuff. Good going.

Lyrics, no worries, fine, flow can be fixed for better results, nice combo, and actually nice concept. :)

Pros : 

Hindi + Eng combo

Heams energy and flow

Lyrics, good stuff

Unique concept.

Cons :


Mixing and mastering

Zan's middle part of his verse.

Well, thats it, honestly i was no fan of you both but after tuning into this track, ill look forward for what you guys put out. Keep the good work going, Peace. Good day.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Klassic feedback : Shattered Dreams - Divine Feat Mc Fresco, Rah.

Song Link :
Fresco :
Divine(Mumbais Finest) :

Hie there, this track out here, is one of the most realist tracks out in a year, word, no joke.
that instrumental, is so addictive, trippy as fuck, straight dope. each verse was dropped like bomb, Divine, Fresco, rah, Killin it.

That first verse, clearly, came outta ur heart, feel it soo hard, bro, you have real talent, that flow the way you write, Simple but hits Hard enough,


Clearly, epic lines, the best thing i liked about ur verses, is EVERYTHING about it is real, no bullshit about gettin money, being a G and shit like that, real stuff. +respect

The hook is the Catch of the song, so bliss. purely effective, right words, perfect meanin, bumpin so hard now.


YOUR FLOW, ALWAYS TOP TIER. no shit bro, the way u bend words, put it out, Hats off, but frankly sme lines jus went off the top, i had to revisit the lyrics to get it right, but that apart, soo groovy, your lyrics is way tight man, deep meanin in each verse you write, Respect.

- Each verse, NAILED.

- Catchy hook

- Practical concept.

- Dope instrumental.

- Well mixed and mastered.


- Hook jus cuda been jus lil longer, idk why i felt this maybe one or two lines?

- Fresco's sme lines just went off top, maybe its just me, but yea, no offense bro.

Well yea, Clearly awesome track, realest shit out this year, i guess, funny how real stuff like this doesnt get hyped other than retarded shit does, anyway, Real fans, support real music. MF,Fresco Keep doing the same thing, uppin all the way, respect.

Good Day :)